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We employ dynamical mean-field theory to identify the materials properties that optimize Tc for a generalized double-exchange model. We reach the surprising conclusion that Tc achieves a maximum when the band angular momentum j equals 3/2 and when the masses in the mj=±1/2 and ±3/2 subbands are equal. However, we also find that Tc is significantly reduced as the ratio of the masses decreases from one. Consequently, the search for dilute-magnetic semiconductor materials with high Tc should proceed on two fronts. In semiconductors with p bands, such as the currently studied Mn-doped Ge and GaAs semiconductors, Tc may be optimized by tuning the band masses through strain engineering or artificial nanostructures. On the other hand, semiconductors with s or d bands with nearly equal effective masses might prove to have higher Tc's than p-band materials with disparate effective masses. © 2006 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review Letters