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High-order ring-exchange interactions are crucial for the study of quantum fluctuations on many highly frustrated systems. A versatile and efficient quantum Monte Carlo method, which can handle finite and essentially zero temperature and canonical and grand-canonical ensembles, has long been sought. In this paper, we present an exact quantum Monte Carlo study of a model of hard-core bosons with sixth-order ring-exchange interactions on a two-dimensional kagome lattice. By using the stochastic Green function algorithm with global space-time update, we show that the system becomes unstable in the limit of large ring-exchange interactions. It undergoes a phase separation at all fillings, except at 13 and 23 fillings for which the superfluid density vanishes and an unusual mixed valence bond and charge density ordered solid is formed. This explains the universal features seen in previous studies on various different models, such as the transverse-field Ising models, on a kagome lattice near the classical limit. © 2013 American Physical Society.

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Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics