Search for short-lived particles below charm threshold

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We have searched for the production by virtual photons of short-lived particles that exhibit muonic decay. We used Brookhaven's 10.5 GeV/c muon beam and examined the two and three-muon final states. The sample of 158 trimuon events is due almost entirely to QED tridents. The sample of 673 dimuons can be accounted for in part by asymmetric tridents and in part by the decay of π and K mesons. We obtain an upper limit for the production of other short-lived particles of the order of Bδ < 150 pb/nucleon, where B is the branching ratio for muonic decay. From the trident sample we establish that muons obey Fermi-Dirac statistics at the level of 8 standard deviations. © 1980.

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Physics Letters B

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