A study of hadronic decays of the Υ{hooked}′

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We present a detailed study of the decays Υ{hooked}′ → π+π-Υ{hooked} and Υ{hooked}′ → π0π0Υ{hooked}, where the Υ{hooked} decays subsequently to e+e- or μ+μ-. The results are obtained from a sample of 146 000 Υ{hooked}′ decays observed with the CUSB detector at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring. We derive branching fractions of (18.9 ± 2.6)% for Υ{hooked}′ → π′π-Υ{hooked} and (10.3 ± 2.3)% for Υ{hooked}′ → π0π0Υ{hooked}, and determined partial widths for these decays. Invariant mass and angular distributions of both the π+π- and π0π0 systems are presented. We also set a limit on the branching fraction for Υ{hooked}′ → ηΥ{hooked} of less than 0.2% at the 90% confidence level. © 1984.

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Nuclear Physics, Section B

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