Enhanced phase estimation with coherently boosted two-mode squeezed beams and its application to optical gyroscopes

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Quantum techniques, developed in recent decades, provide new approaches to achieving high-precision measurements beyond the classical bounds. In this paper, we theoretically demonstrate a metrology method for improving the sensitivity of the interferometric optical gyroscope, robust against the loss, by using coherent-light stimulated two-mode squeezed beams as the light source. The detection protocol is based on a simple intensity measurement, and the quantum noise is far below the shot-noise limit. The enhancement factors for different coherent light fields are analyzed in detail. Additionally, the influence of loss during the propagation in the optical path is studied, and the conditions for achieving sub-shot-noise measurement sensitivity are obtained. We also find that the phase sensitivity of the proposed gyroscope scheme becomes closer to the quantum Cramér-Rao bound with increasing of the photon number of the coherent beams.

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Physical Review A

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