Structure of He7 by proton removal from Li8 with the (d,3He) reaction

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We report on a study of the structure of the unbound nucleus He7 utilizing the proton-removal reaction 2H(8Li,3He)7He. Combining the present results with those of our prior measurements of the neutron-adding reaction 2H(6He,p)7He, a consistent picture emerges for the low-lying excitations in He7. Specifically, the negative-parity sequence of resonances, in order of excitation energies, is consistent with 3/2-,1/2-, and 5/2-. The stable-beam reactions 2H(7Li,t)6Li and 2H(7Li,3He)6He were also measured. The results are compared with the predictions of nuclear structure models, including those of ab initio quantum Monte Carlo calculations. © 2008 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics

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