Experimental study of the B11,12(n,γ) reactions and their influence on r-process nucleosynthesis of light elements

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We have studied the neutron-transfer reactions B11,12(d,p)B12,13 in inverse kinematics to obtain information about the neutron-capture reactions B11,12(n,γ). These capture reactions are suggested to play a role in seeding r-process nucleosynthesis through the production of light, neutron-rich nuclei. The neutron spectroscopic factors of the states in B12,13 were deduced and the branching ratio of the neutron-unbound state at EX=3.389 MeV in B12 was obtained to provide the ratio of partial widths, Γn/Γγ. The reaction rates for B11,12(n,γ) are estimated for direct captures and resonant captures and compared with previous compilations. The astrophysical implications, especially for neutrino-driven wind models in core-collapse supernovae, are discussed in the r-process network framework using our updated reaction rates. © 2010 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics

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