Measurements of conversion electrons in the s-process branching point nucleus 176Lu

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Conversion coefficients, gamma-gamma and gamma-electron coincidences were measured in the s-process branching point nucleus 176Lu. Our goal was to determine the multipolarities of the γ-ray transitions that connect the high and low K states of 176Lu. This 176Lu nucleus has a long-lived ground state (K = 0-) of 37.6Gy, a short-lived isomeric state (K = 0-) at 122.8keV with half-life of 3.6h, as well as a 58μs isomer at 1588keV (K = 14+). The excitation structure of this nucleus contains bands of intermediate spins of both positive and negative parities. The intermediate states can under certain stellar temperatures completely change the equilibrium between the isomer and ground state of 176Lu and change the abundance of this nucleus. We populated 37 previously known levels in this nucleus via the 176Yb (p, n reaction and measured 42 conversion coefficients for γ-ray transitions including 17 of them for the first time.

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European Physical Journal A

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