Multiphoton quantum technologies: Multiphoton state manipulation and characterization

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The control of photons represents a pillar for our modern technological society. The emerging field of quantum photonics exploits quantum properties of light to dramatically improve the performance of protocols for metrology, communication and information processing. However, modern applications exploit very little of the enormous potential of the photon. Unfortunately, the challenges involved in the preparation and characterization of photonic states with multiple particles, impose practical limitations to realistic quantum technologies. In this talk, I will report on our recent results on the preparation, manipulation and characterization of quantum states with multiple photons. I will describe how the manipulation of the quantum electromagnetic fluctuations of a pair of vacuum states leads to a novel family of quantum-correlated multiphoton states with tunable mean photon numbers and degrees of correlations. Our technique relies on the use of conditional measurements to engineer the vacuum and consequently the excitation mode of the field through the simultaneous subtraction of photons from two-mode squeezed vacuum states. In addition, I will describe the potential of combing these states with photon number resolving measurements for quantum phase estimation. The last part of my talk will be devoted to discuss our recent technique that allowed us to utilize compressive sensing to demonstrate measurement of high-dimensional states, that describe telecom photon pairs in the spatial and spectral degrees of freedom, with 12 billions of elements using only a small fraction of measurements.

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Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering

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