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We put forward a versatile, highly scalable, tunable electronic platform for the simulation of single-excitation quantum transport phenomena. Our system, comprising 10 state-of-the-art, fully reconfigurable electronic oscillators, is implemented by making use of functional blocks synthesized with operational amplifiers and passive linear electrical components. To test the robustness and precise control of our platform, we simulate different quantum transport protocols, such as the ballistic propagation of a single-excitation wave function in an ordered lattice, and its localization due to disorder. We implement the Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model to directly observe the emergence of topologically protected one-dimensional edge states. Furthermore, we present the realization of the so-called perfect transport protocol, a key milestone for the development of scalable quantum computing and communication. Finally, we show a simulation of the exciton dynamics in the B800 ring of the purple bacteria LH2 complex. The high fidelity of our simulations together with the low decoherence of our device make it a robust, versatile, and promising platform for the simulation of quantum transport phenomena.

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Physical Review Research