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For almost two decades, researchers have observed the preservation of the quantum statistical properties of bosons in a large variety of plasmonic systems. In addition, the possibility of preserving nonclassical correlations in light-matter interactions mediated by scattering among photons and plasmons stimulated the idea of the conservation of quantum statistics in plasmonic systems. It has also been assumed that similar dynamics underlie the conservation of the quantum fluctuations that define the nature of light sources. So far, plasmonic experiments have been performed in nanoscale systems in which complex multiparticle interactions are restrained. Here, we demonstrate that the quantum statistics of multiparticle systems are not always preserved in plasmonic platforms and report the observation of their modification. Moreover, we show that optical near fields provide additional scattering paths that can induce complex multiparticle interactions. Remarkably, the resulting multiparticle dynamics can, in turn, lead to the modification of the excitation mode of plasmonic systems. These observations are validated through the quantum theory of optical coherence for single- and multi-mode plasmonic systems. Our findings unveil the possibility of using multiparticle scattering to perform exquisite control of quantum plasmonic systems.

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Nature Communications