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We demonstrate the ability to calculate electromagnetic sum rules with the ab initio symmetry-adapted no-core shell model. By implementing the Lanczos algorithm, we compute nonenergy weighted, energy weighted, and inverse energy weighted sum rules for electric monopole, dipole, and quadrupole transitions in He4 using realistic interactions. We benchmark the results with the hyperspherical harmonics method and show agreement within 2σ, where the uncertainties are estimated from the use of the many-body technique. We investigate the dependence of the results on three different interactions, including chiral potentials, and we report on the He4 electric dipole polarizability calculated in the SA-NCSM that reproduces the experimental data and earlier theoretical outcomes. We also detail a novel use of the Lawson procedure to remove the spurious center-of-mass contribution to the sum rules that arises from using laboratory-frame coordinates. We further show that this same technique can be applied in the Lorentz integral transform method, with a view toward studies of electromagnetic reactions for light through medium-mass nuclei.

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Physical Review C