Two short-period eclipsing binary stars in the field of PG 1047+003

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We present extensive time-series photometry confirming that two stars located in the field of PG 1047+003 are short-period eclipsing binary systems. One of these stars, published as a photometric standard by Landolt and designated as PG 1047+003C, is shown to have eclipse depths on the order of 0.1 mag and a period of ~0:28 days. The other star, located ~20′ south-southwest of PG 1047+003, exhibits a similar amplitude and lightcurve shape, but has a slightly longer period of ~0:35 days. Light-curve solutions for both variables, based on the Wilson-Devinney code, reveal them to be contact binaries with low inclinations and each possessing uneven maxima, which we attribute to the presence of a single hot spot on the surfaces of the primary stars. © 2012. The Astronomical Society of the Pacific. All rights reserved.

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