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The T2K experiment observes indications of νμ→ν e appearance in data accumulated with 1.43×1020 protons on target. Six events pass all selection criteria at the far detector. In a three-flavor neutrino oscillation scenario with |Δm232|=2.4×10⊃- 3eV2, ⊃sin⊃ 22θ23=1 and ⊃sin⊃ 22θ13=0, the expected number of such events is 1.5±0.3(syst). Under this hypothesis, the probability to observe six or more candidate events is 7×10⊃-3, equivalent to 2.5σ significance. At 90% C.L., the data are consistent with 0.03(0.04) <⊃sin⊃ 22θ13<0.28(0.34) for δCP= 0 and a normal (inverted) hierarchy.

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Physical Review Letters