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CdZnTe crystals contain 9 double beta decay isotopes and can serve simultaneously as source and detector in a search for neutrino-less double beta decay. In particular, 116Cd and 130Te are suitable isotopes in such a search due to their high Q-values. The endpoint of the beta spectra resulting from double-beta decay of these isotopes is well above natural gamma lines which constitute backgrounds to a potential signal. Detectors for neutrino-less double beta decay searches require good energy resolution and effective background rejection. Both properties can be realized with position sensitive pixilated detectors that have particle tracking capabilities. CdZnTe detectors are promising detectors to satisfy these criteria and have the additional advantage of room temperature operation. We are developing and characterizing the performance of co-planar and pixilated CdZnTe detectors, study their charged particle tracking capabilities and evaluate their use in future neutrino-less double beta decay search experiments. Results from our laboratory measurements will be presented.

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Physics Procedia

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