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We report a measurement of cross section σ(νμ+nucleus→μ-+X) and the first measurements of the cross section σ(ν-μ+nucleus→μ++X) and their ratio R(σ(ν-)σ(ν)) at (anti) neutrino energies below 1.5 GeV. We determine the single momentum bin cross section measurements, averaged over the T2K ν-/ν-flux, for the detector target material (mainly carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and copper) with phase space restricted laboratory frame kinematics of θμ500 MeV/c. The results are σ(ν-)=(0.900±0.029(stat)±0.088(syst))×10-39 and σ(ν)=(2.41±0.022(stat)±0.231(syst))×10-39 in units of cm2/nucleon and R(σ(ν-)σ(ν))=0.373±0.012(stat)±0.015(syst).

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Physical Review D