Installation and operation of the LNLS double-crystal monochromator at CAMD

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A new x-ray beamline has been installed at CAMD utilizing a two-crystal monochromator designed and built at LNLS. The beamline will operate in the 2-18 keV range using up to 4 mrad of dipole radiation from the CAMD storage ring. The monochromator maintains a fixed exit beam and fixed positions of the beam on the two crystals using mutually perpendicular elastic translations. With the ring operating at 1.5 GeV and 160 mA, Si(220) crystals will provide a flux of ∼3(109) photons/s/mrad at 8 keV, with an energy resolution ΔE<2 eV, to the experimental hutch. The beamline is equipped with an EXAFS endstation and will also be used for other x-ray applications at CAMD. First results are presented. © 1995 American Institute of Physics.

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Review of Scientific Instruments

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