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A 5 meter toroidal grating (5m-TGM) beamline has been commissioned to deliver 28 mrad of bending magnet radiation to an ultrahigh vacuum endstation chamber to facilitate angle resolved photoelectron spectroscopy. The 5m-TGM beamline is equipped with Au-coated gratings with 300, 600 and 1200 lines/mm providing monochromatized synchrotron radiation in the energy ranges 25-70 eV, 50-120 eV and 100-240 eV, respectively. The beamline delivers excellent flux (∼1014-1017 photons/sec/100mA) and a combined energy resolution of 189 meV for the beamline (at 1.0 mm slit opening) and HA-50 hemispherical analyzer was obtained at the Fermi level of polycrystalline gold crystal. Our preliminary photoelectron spectroscopy results of phenol adsorption on TiO2 (110) surface reveals the metal ion (Ti) oxidation.

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Journal of Physics: Conference Series