Coupling gammasphere and ORRUBA

A. Ratkiewicz, Rutgers University–New Brunswick
S. D. Pain, ORNL Physics Division
J. A. Cizewski, Rutgers University–New Brunswick
D. W. Bardayan, ORNL Physics Division
J. C. Blackmon, Louisiana State University
K. A. Chipps, Colorado School of Mines
S. Hardy, Rutgers University–New Brunswick
K. L. Jones, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
R. L. Kozub, Colorado School of Mines
C. J. Lister, Argonne National Laboratory
B. Mannin, Rutgers University–New Brunswick
M. Mato, Louisiana State University
W. A. Peters, Oak Ridge Associated Universities
D. Seweryniak, Argonne National Laboratory
C. Shand, Rutgers University–New Brunswick


The coincident detection of particles and gamma rays allows the study of the structure of exotic nuclei via inverse kinematics reactions using radioactive ion beams and thick targets. We report on the status of the project to couple the highresolution charged-particle detector ORRUBA to Gammasphere, a high-efficiency, high-resolution gamma ray detector. © 2013 AIP Publishing LLC.