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We report the most sensitive direct search for pair production of fourth-generation bottomlike chiral quarks (b′) each decaying promptly to tW. We search for an excess of events with an electron or muon, at least five jets (one identified as due to a b or c quark), and an imbalance of transverse momentum by using data from pp̄ collisions collected by the CDFII detector at Fermilab with an integrated luminosity of 4.8fb-1. We observe events consistent with background expectation, calculate upper limits on the b′ pair-production cross section (σ bb ̄′ ∼30fb for mb′> 375GeV/c2), and exclude mb′<372GeV/c2 at 95% confidence level assuming a 100% branching ratio of b′ to tW. © 2011 American Physical Society.

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Physical Review Letters