A model of galactic cosmic rays for use in calculating linear energy transfer spectra

J. Chen, Louisiana State University
D. Chenette, Lockheed Martin Corporation
R. Clark, Louisiana State University
M. Garcia-Munoz, The Enrico Fermi Institute
T. G. Guzik, Louisiana State University
K. R. Pyle, The Enrico Fermi Institute
Y. Sang, Louisiana State University
J. P. Wefel, Louisiana State University


The galactic cosmic rays (GCR) contain fully stripped nuclei, from Hydrogen to beyond the Iron group, accelerated to high energies and are a major component of the background radiation encountered by satellites and interplanetary spacecraft. This paper presents a GCR model which is based upon our current understanding of the astrophysics of GCR transport through interstellar and interplanetary space. The model can be used to predict the energy spectra for all stable and long-lived radioactive species from H to Ni over an energy range from 50 to 50,000 MeV/nucleon as a function of a single parameter, the solar modulation level φ. The details of this model are summarized, φ is derived for the period 1974 to present, and results from this model during the 1990/1991 CRRES mission are presented. © 1994.