A model of solar energetic particles for use in calculating let spectra developed from ONR-604 data

J. Chen, Louisiana State University
D. Chenette, Lockheed Martin Corporation
T. G. Guzik, Louisiana State University
M. Garcia-Munoz, The Enrico Fermi Institute
K. R. Pyle, The Enrico Fermi Institute
Y. Sang, Louisiana State University
J. P. Wefel, Louisiana State University


A model of solar energetic particles (SEP) has been developed and is applied to solar flares during the 1990/1991 CRRES mission using data measured by the University of Chicago instrument, ONR-604. The model includes the time-dependent behavior, heavy-ion content, energy spectrum and fluence, and can accurately represent the observed SEP events in the energy range between 40 to 500 MeV/nucleon. Results are presented for the March and June, 1991 flare periods. © 1994.