The Crres/Spacerad Heavy Ion Model of the Environment (CHIME) for Cosmic Ray and Solar Particle Effects on Electronic and Biological Systems in Space

D. L. Chenette, Lockheed Martin Corporation
J. Chen, Louisiana State University
T. G. Guzik, Louisiana State University
J. P. Wefel, Louisiana State University
M. Garcia-Muñoz, The University of Chicago
C. Lopate, The University of Chicago
K. R. Pyle, The University of Chicago
K. P. Ray, Hanscom AFB
E. G. Mullen, Hanscom AFB
D. A. Hardy, Hanscom AFB


We present a new time-dependent model of the interplanetary heavy ion environment and a new set of software based on this model to calculate energy deposit (LET) spectra and resulting single event upset rates. © 1994 IEEE