Space science public outreach at Louisiana State University

T. G. Guzik, Louisiana State University
E. Babin, Pruirieville Middle School
W. Cooney, Baton Rouge Astronomical Society
J. Giammanco, Louisiana State University
D. Hartman, Recr./Pk. C. Parish E. Baton Rouge
R. McNeil, Louisiana State University
M. Slovak, Louisiana State University
J. G. Stacy, Louisiana State University


Over the last seven years the Astronomy/Astrophysics group in the Department of Physics and Astronomy of Louisiana State University has developed an extensive Space Science education and public outreach program. This program includes partners from state and parish government, the local community, museums and school districts and has directly led to the development of the Highland Road Park Observatory, in-service teacher training program, content standards aligned classroom material and new technology for the classroom. In addition, a new planetarium/space theater opening soon in downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana will provide our group with new space science education and public outreach opportunities. In this paper, we will discuss details about some of our individual projects. © 2004 COSPAR. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.