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Natural radiative lifetimes of the states in the highly perturbed 5d10np 2P sequence in neutral gold, Au i, for n=69, as well as of four of the perturbing 5d96s6p 2P states, have been measured. This was done by direct excitation from the ground state with short-pulse vacuum-ultraviolet laser light and time-resolved detection of the laser-induced fluorescence. We found the lifetimes to be (6p 2P1/2)=6.2(2) ns, (6p 2P3/2)=4.7(2) ns, (7p 2P1/2)=6.4(7) ns, (7p 2P3/2)=5.3(7) ns, (8p 2P1/2)=63(3) ns, (8p 2P3/2)=24(2) ns, (9p 2P1/2)=28(2) ns, and (9p 2P3/2)=75(4) ns. For the perturbing states (two states of each term have been observed) we found (2P1/2, 60 983.05 cm-1)=17.5(10) ns, (2P1/2, 62 540.65 cm-1)=6.7(7) ns, (2P3/2, 58 826.30 cm-1)=2.1(15) ns, and (2P3/2, 63 005.62 cm-1)=2.7(15) ns. Furthermore, we have investigated the hyperfine structure of the 6p 2P3/2 state. © 1994 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review A

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