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We calculate time-frequency representations (TFRs) of high-order short pulse harmonics generated in the interaction between neon atoms and an intense laser field, including macroscopic effects of propagation and phase matching in the non-linear medium. The phase structure of the harmonics is often complicated and the TFR can help to resolve the different components of this structure. The harmonic pulses exhibit an overall negative chirp, which can be attributed in part to the intensity dependence of the harmonic dipole phase. In some cases, the harmonic field separates in the time-frequency domain and clearly exhibits two different chirps. We also compute an experimental realization of a TFR (using Frequency Resolved Optical Gating, FROG) for a high harmonic. Due to the complicated time structure of the harmonics, the FROG trace is visually complex. © 2001 Optical Society of America.

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Optics Express

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