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The O15(α,γ)Ne19 reaction is responsible for breakout from the hot CNO cycle in type I x-ray bursts. Understanding the properties of resonances between Ex=4 and 5 MeV in Ne19 is crucial in the calculation of this reaction rate. The spins and parities of these states are well known, with the exception of the 4.14- and 4.20-MeV states, which have adopted spin-parities of 9/2- and 7/2-, respectively. γ-ray transitions from these states were studied using triton-γ-γ coincidences from the F19(He3,tγ)Ne19 reaction measured with the GODDESS (Gammasphere ORRUBA Dual Detectors for Experimental Structure Studies) at Argonne National Laboratory. The observed transitions from the 4.14- and 4.20-MeV states provide strong evidence that the Jπ values are actually 7/2- and 9/2-, respectively. These assignments are consistent with the values in the F19 mirror nucleus and in contrast to previously accepted assignments.

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Physical Review C