Enhancement of high-order harmonic emission using attosecond pulse trains

J. Biegert, ETH Zürich
A. Heinrich, ETH Zürich
C. P. Hauri, ETH Zürich
W. Kornelis, ETH Zürich
P. Schlup, ETH Zürich
M. Anscombe, ETH Zürich
K. J. Schafer, Louisiana State University
M. B. Gaarde, Louisiana State University
U. Keller, ETH Zürich


We theoretically predict and experimentally confirm that enhancement of high-order harmonic generation is possible by combining an attosecond pulse train with an IR driving laser. This combination replaces the disadvantages of tunnel ionization with single-photon ionization and permits the manipulation of the time-frequency properties of high-order harmonic generation already at the single-atom level. Copyright © 2005 by Astro, Ltd.