Quarter-Laser-Cycle Oscillations in Attosecond Transient Absorption for Robust Delay Zero Calibration

L. Gallmann, ETH Zürich
J. Herrmann, ETH Zürich
M. Lucchini, ETH Zürich
S. Chen, Louisiana State University
M. Wu, Louisiana State University
A. Ludwig, ETH Zürich
L. Kasmi, ETH Zürich
K. Schafer, Louisiana State University
M. Gaarde, Louisiana State University
U. Keller, ETH Zürich


We investigated quarter-laser-cycle oscillations in the transient absorption signal of attosecond pulse trains and infrared pulses interacting in helium. We discuss their physical origin and show their usefulness for experimental delay-zero calibration in attosecond science. © 2014 OSA.