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The results of a shell model calculation for 25Mg-25Al are presented in which the Hamiltonian for the system was taken to be that of an inert 16O core plus nine s-d shell particles interacting through the usual one-body l2 and l · s terms plus general two-body residual interactions of the Kuo-Brown type. The basis was truncated to include nine favored representations of SU(3) in each of the two leading spatial symmetries ([441]: (66), (93), (74), (82)2, (55)2, (28), (90); [432]: (10,1), (74), (82)2, (55)2, (28), (47), (90)). It is found that a (λμ)-dependent renormalization of the type proposed by Harvey but empirically modified for axially asymmetric shape distributions is required to reproduce the experimentally observed ordering of the three lowest rotational bands. The goodness of KJ as a band label for the calculated eigenstates is investigated by comparing calculated quadrupole moments with simple rotational model predictions. Calculated B(E2) and B (M1) rates are compared with the available data. Results for relative spectroscopic factors from (d, p) stripping on the ground state of 24Mg are also presented. © 1973.

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Nuclear Physics, Section A

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