Alpha-particle spectroscopic amplitudes for sd shell nuclei

J. P. Draayer, University of Rochester


Theoretical predictions for spectroscopic amplitudes corresponding to α-particle stripping and pickup reactions on all stable sd shell nuclei with 16 ≦ A ≦ 28 are tabulated. A pure (Os)4 configuration for the internal wave function of the transferred nucleons is assumed. Initial and final states of the target and residual nuclei are taken to be members of pure rotational bands obtained by angular momentum projection from a single irreducible representation of SU(3). Using the tabulated results, the effect of representation mixing can be assessed. The predicted results for 18O + α 22Ne and 20Ne + α 24Mg are compared to results obtained with wave functions for 18O and 20Ne generated in shell model calculations. The results show that structural detail can be important, but rarely changes the simple prediction by more than a factor of two with transfers predicted to be strong/weak remaining so when representation mixing is taken into account. © 1974.