A study of the 18O(6Li, d)22Ne reaction at 32 MeV

N. Anantaraman, University of Rochester
H. E. Gove, University of Rochester
J. P. Trentelman, University of Rochester
J. P. Draayer, Louisiana State University
F. C. Jundt, Centre de Recherches Nucléaires


Results from a study of the 18O(6Li, d)22Ne reaction at a 6Li energy of 32 MeV are reported. The L-dependence of the shapes of the measured angular distributions provide a check on recent Jπ assignments for some of the high-lying levels in 22Ne. A finite range distorted wave analysis assuming a direct cluster transfer has been used to extract from the data α-particle spectroscopic strengths for most of the natural parity levels populated below 8 MeV of excitation. These strengths are compared with theoretical predictions for those few states for which a definite correspondence can be made between the calculated and experimental levels of 22Ne. For transitions to the members of the ground-state band, the observed strengths disagree with the predictions. This disagreement has also been observed in the 16O(6Li, d) reaction and its cause is not understood. It is in marked contrast with the good agreement found for (6Li, d) reactions on targets of mass 20 ≦ A ≦ 24. © 1977.