Alpha-particle stripping to Ne21

N. Anantaraman, University of Rochester
J. P. Draayer, University of Rochester
H. E. Gove, University of Rochester
J. Toke, University of Rochester
H. T. Fortune, University of Pennsylvania


From a study of the O17(Li6,d) reaction at 32 MeV, angular distributions and α-particle spectroscopic strengths have been extracted for states below 4.6-MeV excitation in Ne21. The 52+ state at 0.35 MeV is populated largely via L=0, and five states with Jπ from 12+ to 92+ largely via L=2. These results are in reasonable agreement with predictions of SU(3) shell-model calculations and at the same time are suggestive of a simple weak-coupling picture. Observation of L=0 for the transition to the 4.52-MeV level, previously assigned 32+ or 52+, allows a definite assignment of Jπ=52+. NUCLEAR REACTIONS O17(Li6,d), ELi=32 MeV measured σ(θ); DWBA analysis, deduced α-particle spectroscopic factors. Enriched target. © 1978 The American Physical Society.