Alpha-particle strengths from the 16O(6Li, d)20Ne reaction

N. Anantaraman, University of Rochester
H. E. Gove, University of Rochester
R. A. Lindgren, University of Rochester
J. Toke, University of Rochester
J. P. Trentelman, University of Rochester
J. P. Draayer, Louisiana State University
F. C. Jundt, Centre de Recherches Nucléaires
G. Guillaume, Centre de Recherches Nucléaires


The 16O(6Li, d)20Ne reaction has been studied at bombarding energies of 20, 32 and 38 MeV. The α-particle spectroscopic strengths have been extracted for levels up to 12.15 MeV in excitation. Nondirect processes appear to contribute significantly to all levels at 20 MeV and to high spin levels (6+ and 8+) at 32 MeV. Strengths extracted for members of the ground state band assuming (sd)4 transfer are unequal at both 32 and 38 MeV, in marked contrast to theoretical predictions. To explain this, particle-hole correlations in 16O(g.s.), inelastic channel coupling in the reaction and perhaps other effects as well, have to be considered. Strengths extracted for members of excited bands and α-decay reduced widths compare poorly with each other and with simple SU(3) predictions. © 1979.