Triple forking and configuration mixing in 68Ge

K. J. Weeks, Louisiana State University
C. S. Han, Louisiana State University
J. P. Draayer, Louisiana State University


A shell-model interpretation of triple forking in 68Ge is presented. A basis is built from normal parity orbitais organized into multiplets of a pseudo SU(3) symmetry coupled to g 9 2 configurations restricted to states of seniority zero and two. Representation mixing and the alignment of a pair of g 9 2 neutrons gives rise to forking from a single 6+ state to three 8+ states which lie close in energy. The two lowest of the calculated 8+ states have strong E2 decays to the 6+ state, in agreement with experiment. Enhanced M1 transitions as well as strong correlations between calculated g-factors and the degree of alignment are found in the forking region. © 1981.