Electron scattering multipoles for symplectic shell model applications

P. Rochford, Louisiana State University
J. P. Draayer, Louisiana State University


The charge and current density multipoles used in calculating electron scattering form factors are given in a form suitable for second-quantized SU (3) shell-model applications. The expressions are exact representations of the density multipoles, extend over all major oscillator shells, and are tailored for symplectic shell-model applications. Through a SU(3) tensor decomposition of these multipoles, the importance of considering multiple irreps in symplectic model calculations for ds-shell nuclei is explored, as well as the extent to which higher shell correlations will influence form factor predictions. Results for SU(3) model applications to 20Ne, 22Ne, and 24Mg are given and the significance of the theory for symplectic model applications is discussed. The relation of this general fermion formulation to a restricted harmonic oscillator boson representation is also demonstrated. © 1992 Academic Press, Inc. All rights reserved.