Shell model description of normal parity bands in odd-mass heavy deformed nuclei

C. Vargas, Ctro. de Investigacion y de E.
J. G. Hirsch, Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares de la UNAM
T. Beuschel, Louisiana State University
J. P. Draayer, Louisiana State University


The low-energy spectra and B(E2) electromagnetic transition strengths of 159Eu, 159Tb, and 159Dy are described using the pseudo SU(3) model. Normal parity bands are built as linear combinations of SU(3) states, which are the direct product of SU(3) proton and neutron states with pseudospin zero (for even number of nucleons) and pseudospin 1/2 (for odd number of nucleons). Each of the many-particle states has a well-defined particle number and total angular momentum. The Hamiltonian includes spherical Nilsson single-particle energies, the quadrupole-quadrupole and pairing interactions, as well as three rotor terms which are diagonal in the SU(3) basis. The pseudo SU(3) model is shown to be a powerful tool to describe odd-mass heavy deformed nuclei.