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With a view towards future applications in nuclear physics, the fermion realization of the compact symplectic sp(4) algebra and its q-deformed versions are investigated. Three important reduction chains of the sp(4) algebra are explored in both the classical and deformed cases. The deformed realizations are based on distinct deformations of the fermion creation and annihilation operators. For the primary reduction, the su(2) substructure can be interpreted as either the spin, isospin or angular momentum algebra, whereas for the other two reductions su(2) can be associated with pairing between fermions of the same type or pairing between two distinct fermion types. Each reduction provides for a complete classification of the basis states. The deformed induced u(2) representations are reducible in the action spaces of sp(4) and are decomposed into irreducible representations.

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Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General

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