E2 and M1 strengths in heavy deformed nuclei

J. P. Draayer, Louisiana State University
G. Popa, Louisiana State University
J. G. Hirsch, Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares de la UNAM


Energy levels of the four lowest bands in 160,162,164Dy and 168Er, B(E2) transition strengths between the levels, and the B(M1) strength distribution of the ground state, all calculated within the framework of pseudo-SU3 model, are presented. Realistic single-particle energies and quadrupole-quadrupole and pairing interaction strengths fixed from systematics were used in the calculations. The strengths of four rotor-like terms, all small relative to the other terms in the interaction, were adjusted to give an overall best fit to the energy spectra. The procedure yielded consistent parameter sets for the four nuclei.