Deformed fermion realization of sp(4) and its reductions

A. I. Georgieva, Louisiana State University
K. D. Sviratcheva, Louisiana State University
V. G. Gueorguiev, Louisiana State University
J. P. Draayer, Louisiana State University


A specific q-deformation of the compact symplectic sp(4) algebra, one that is suitable for nuclear physics applications, is realized in terms of q-deformed fermion creation and annihilation operators of the shell-model. The generators of the algebra close on four distinct realizations of the uq(2) sub-algebra. These reductions, which correspond to different pairing interactions, yield a complete classification of the basis states. An analysis of the role of the q-deformation is based on a comparison of the results for energies of the lowest isovector-paired 0+ states in the deformed and non-deformed cases.