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Clear evidence for symplectic symmetry in low-lying states of C12 and O16 is reported. Eigenstates of C12 and O16, determined within the framework of the no-core shell model using the J-matrix inverse scattering potential with A≤16 (JISP16) nucleon-nucleon (NN) realistic interaction, typically project at the 85%-90% level onto a few of the most deformed symplectic basis states that span only a small fraction of the full model space. The results are nearly independent of whether the bare or renormalized effective interactions are used in the analysis. The outcome confirms Elliott's SU(3) model which underpins the symplectic scheme, and above all, points to the relevance of a symplectic no-core shell model that can reproduce experimental B(E2) values without effective charges as well as deformed spatial modes associated with clustering phenomena in nuclei. © 2007 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review Letters