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We use powerful algorithms of computational group theory to perform ab initio configuration-interaction calculations in a SU(3)-based symmetry-adapted many-particle basis. We demonstrate that eigenfunctions for the low-lying states of 6Li, 8Be, 12C, and 16O exhibit a strong dominance of low proton, neutron, and total intrinsic spins that carry the same spatial deformation as the leading symplectic Sp(3,) irreducible representations. Our findings imply that only a small fraction of the complete model space is needed to model nuclear collective dynamics, deformation, and α-particle clustering even if one uses modern realistic interactions that do not preserve SU(3) symmetry. This in turn points to the importance of using a symmetry-adapted framework, one based on a LS coupling scheme with the associated spatial configurations organized according to deformation. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

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Journal of Physics: Conference Series