Understanding nuclear shape phase transitions within SD-pair shell model

Lei Li, Nankai University
Yu Zhang, Liaoning Normal University
Xiaoqing Yuan, Nankai University
Jiangdan Li, Nankai University
Yanan Luo, Nankai University
Feng Pan, Liaoning Normal University
Jerry P. Draayer, Louisiana State University


The effect of strength of each interaction on the nuclear shape phase and their transitional patterns are studied in the SD-pair shell model with a Hamiltonian composed of the single-particle energy term, monopole-pairing, quadrupolepairing and quadrupole-quadrupole interaction for identical nucleon system. It is shown that with quandrupole-pairing interaction and quadrupole-quadrupole interaction strengths set to be 0, the nuclear phase transition from singleparticle motion to collective motion can be produced by changing the monopole pairing interaction. With fixed monopole-pairing interaction and quadrupolepairing interactional strength set to be 0, the like-vibration-rotation shape phase transitional pattern can be produced by changing the quadrupolequadrupole interaction from 0 to 0.1MeV/r40.