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We report on recent developments within the framework of the no-core symplectic shell model (NCSpM) that complements the no-core shell model (Navrátil, Vary, and Barrett) by exploiting the algebraic features of the symplectic shell model (Rowe and Rosensteel) while also allowing for high-performance computing applications, but in highly truncated, physically relevant subspaces of the complete space. The leading symplectic symmetry typically accounts for 70% to 90% of the structure of the low-lying states, a result that is only moderately dependent on the details of the selected inter-nucleon interaction. Examples for6Li,12C,16O, and20Ne are shown to illustrate the efficacy the NCSpM, and as well the strong overlap with cluster-like and pairing configurations that dominate the dynamics of low-lying states in these nuclei.

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Journal of Physics: Conference Series