Magnetic and charge dynamics in a doped one-dimensional transition metal oxide

J. F. DiTusa, Nokia Bell Labs
S. W. Cheong, Nokia Bell Labs
J. H. Park, Nokia Bell Labs
G. Aeppli, Nokia Bell Labs
C. Broholm, Johns Hopkins University
C. T. Chen, Nokia Bell Labs


We have measured the electrical resistivity, polarized x-ray absorption, and magnetic neutron scattering for Y2-xCaxBaNi1-yZnyO5 to determine how doping affects the charge and spin dynamics of a Haldane chain compound. While Zn doping, which severs the NiO chains, increases the resistivity beyond that of the pure material, Ca doping introduces holes, residing mainly in the 2pz, orbital of the oxygens in the NiO chains. Both dopants lead to simple finite size effects above the Haldane gap. In addition, we have discovered that Ca doping yields substantial magnetic states below the Haldane gap. © 1994 The American Physical Society.