Metamagnetism and non-fermi liquid behavior in CeIrIn5

C. Capan, Louisiana State University
L. Balicas, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
T. P. Murphy, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
E. C. Palm, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
R. Movshovich, Los Alamos National Laboratory
F. Ronning, Los Alamos National Laboratory
E. D. Bauer, Los Alamos National Laboratory
J. L. Sarrao, Los Alamos National Laboratory
R. G. Goodrich, Louisiana State University
J. F. Ditusa, Louisiana State University
S. W. Tozer, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory


We report transverse magnetoresistance in a CeIrIn5 single crystal at magnetic fields up to 33T and temperatures down to 25mK, with the magnetic field oriented along the c-axis of this tetragonal heavy fermion compound. The metamagnetic transition is marked by a characteristic drop in resistivity at the lowest temperatures as the magnetic field is increased. Resistivity shows Non-Fermi Liquid behavior above and below the metamagnetic transition field. These results are suggestive of a field-tuned metamagnetic quantum critical point in CeIrIn5. © 2006 American Institute of Physics.