Crystal growth, structure, and physical properties of LnCu 2(Al,Si) 5 (Ln = la and Ce)

W. Adam Phelan, Louisiana State University
Michael J. Kangas, Louisiana State University
Brenton L. Drake, Louisiana State University
Liang L. Zhao, Rice University
Jiakui K. Wang, Rice University
J. F. Ditusa, Louisiana State University
Emilia Morosan, Rice University
Julia Y. Chan, Louisiana State University


LnCu 2(Al,Si) 5 (Ln = La and Ce) were synthesized and characterized. These compounds adopt the SrAu 2Ga 5 structure type and crystallize in the tetragonal space group P4/mmm with unit cell dimensions of a ≈ 4.2 Å and c ≈ 7.9 Å. Herein, we report the structure as obtained from single crystal X-ray diffraction. Additionally, we report the magnetic susceptibility, magnetization, resistivity, and specific heat capacity data obtained for polycrystalline samples of LnCu 2(Al,Si) 5 (Ln = La and Ce). © 2011 American Chemical Society.