Comparison of axial performance of cone-beam reconstruction algorithms for off-center flat-panel imaging with a SPECT system

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In this paper, using Defrise Phantoms, we present our investigations of the axial limitations of an analytical cone-beam reconstruction algorithm (FDK), and the iterative ordered-subset transmission reconstruction (OSTR) iterative algorithm, for an axially extended version of the Philips Brightview XCT cone beam CT (CBCT) geometry. Simulations were preformed for head size and body size Defrise Phantoms of different axial dimensions to investigate limitations on axial extent as a function of these. OSTR yielded overall better axial performance than FDK. It may be possible to reconstruct a larger axial extent for brain studies; however, patients with larger body sizes pose more of a problem. © 2010 IEEE.

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IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record

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