Mass measurements of Mg22 and Si26 via the Mg24(p,t)Mg22 and Si28(p,t)Si26 reactions

A. Parikh, Yale University
J. A. Caggiano, Yale University
C. Deibel, Yale University
J. P. Greene, Argonne National Laboratory
R. Lewis, Yale University
P. D. Parker, Yale University
C. Wrede, Yale University


Using a 33 MeV proton beam with our Enge split-pole spectrograph, we measured the Q0 values of the Mg24(p,t)Mg22 and Si28(p,t)Si26 reactions relative to that of the O16(p,t)O14 reaction. Data were obtained at scattering angles of 15° and 25°. Based on the masses of Mg24, Si28, O16, 14O,p, and t, we determined the mass excesses of Mg22 and Si26 to be -400.5(1.0) and -7139.5(1.0) keV, respectively. Our result for the mass of Mg22 is in excellent agreement with recent high-precision measurements. © 2005 The American Physical Society.