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The structure of proton unbound S30 states is important for determining the P29(p,γ)S30 reaction rate, which influences explosive hydrogen burning in classical novae and type I x-ray bursts. The reaction rate in this temperature regime had been previously predicted to be dominated by two low-lying, unobserved, Jπ= 3+ and 2+ resonances above the proton threshold in S30. To search for these levels, the structure of S30 was studied using the S32(p,t)S30 transfer reaction with a magnetic spectrograph. We have confirmed a previous detection of a state near 4700 keV, which had tentatively been assigned Jπ=3+. We have also discovered a new state at 4814(3) keV, which is a strong candidate for the other important resonance (Jπ=2+). The new P29(p,γ)S30 reaction rate is up to 4-20 times larger than previously determined rates over the relevant temperature range. The uncertainty in the reaction rate due to uncertainties in the resonance energies has been significantly reduced. © 2010 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics